Thursday 13th June 2024


A Perfect Fit for All Brands!

Ultimate Magnetic Tool Box Organizer Labels (Green edition)


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SAVE MONEY AND REUSE. Our magnetic toolbox labels are just what you need if you decide to replace your toolbox or rearrange your tools and still stay organized. Label your Tool Chests, for “Easy and Quick” Organizing.  See how easy it will be to find and organize your tools.  “You be the Judge” will your tools be easier to organize and find?


  • Two Sheet Set contains 45 individual Coated and Dye Cut Tool Drawer Labels
  • Color Coded Adjustable Magnetic Tool Drawer Labels
  • Now quickly identify what tool is in what drawer
  • Foil Material with magnetic backing – holds to steel drawers only
  • Permanent Coating – Oil and Gas resistant


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