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Yes! It is commonly misunderstood that a Paypal account is needed in order to make payments through PayPal.
The truth is you DO NOT need one, although we strongly recommend you sign up to enjoy the added ease of use.
Without a PayPal account, all you need is any Debit/Credit card stated below that is supported by PayPal.
By using PayPal, we can process & deliver your orders to you in a shorter time. PayPal is the easiest & most
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For more details, click here (will add the link) to see how PayPal works for you.

We are currently shipping orders DAILY, figure 2 to 4 days.

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Our products 100% satisfaction guarantied and refundable for 30 Days with a lifetime replacement warranty, if you register?

No, actual shipping cost apply to International Orders.

We accept Credit/Debit cards, PayPal payments and Amazon Payments.

Yes, clean your sockets any way you want to start, then wipe them down thoroughly with regular rubbing alcohol and dry them with a lint free cloth or paper towel. After being sure you have removed all solvents with the alcohol and they are air dry, apply the label (try not to touch the glue or the spot your applying the label too). Put finger pressure over the label as the glue is pressure sensitive then let it set at room temperature for 24 hours.

Yes and also with Magnetic Toolbox Labels as well, or they may slide on dusty drawers.

Just send the labels back to us and a self address stamped business envelope and we will send you new ones for free.
Optionally you can email us with pictures of the damaged labels, pay $2.67 for packaging and shipping and we will ship you a replacement set.

Call or Chat with us, we can help you decide the most economical way to tag your entire or just part of your tool set.