We desperately need to do something big, something so enormous that it cannot fail to revive our economy.

I have a suggestion that this Nation might want to consider.

Build a “Super Truck Highway System” across America.

A system would incorporate the following.

1. Giant Super Cargo Trucks capable of carrying up to 20 containers each.

2. A super wide “Environmentally Friendly” cross-country highway system with spurs to Metro areas.

3. Giant Sub-Stations for processing these containers to normal trucks for urban delivery.

This new super truck highway system would help the economy and would put millions of people back to work in the following ways;

1. Design teams would be needed to design the highway and all the substations.

2. Right-of-Way, for once in the history of America all people owning property in the path of the proposed route would be fully compensated plus tax incentives. This will allow the elimination and removal of thousands of homes and businesses and the purchase and building of new ones, thus aiding the housing recovery.

3. The giant Super Trucks required for this highway would have to be designed and built by U.S. Automakers, thus helping the auto and steel industry. These rigs would be state-of-the-art, highly fuel-efficient and designed to run non-stop from sub-station to sub-station with two person driver teams.

4. The super highway construction would be enormous and would require workers in all states to participate, competition with incentives could be set up between states.

5. Materials; like steel and concrete for bridges, overpasses and underpasses, substations, walls, railing and lighting would be needed in enormous amounts.

6. This highway system could have all of the latest roadway electronic tracking and safety gadgets.

7. “Environmentally Friendly” roadbeds could be designed to blend into the surrounding environment. With wild game access underpasses and overpasses made to look natural, beautiful modern bridges, decorative and efficient sound barriers for urban areas.

8. Energy efficient and economical, Super Trucks could move U.S. Cargo faster and at a fraction of the present fuel cost and still maintain the tracking and control that trucking has over rail transport.

9. Tolls charged for the use of this “Super Highway System” would fund its maintenance and will pay back the taxpayers investment.

10. Think of the stress it will relieve on our already overburdened highway system.

11. Less heavy truck traffic on our highways will save millions in highway repair and upkeep dollars.

12. Think of the lives that will be saved by less congestion on our roadways.

This new Super Highway System would not only put millions of people back to work, save energy and lives but could also save our economy.

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