I know it sounds funny but it’s true. My Dad’s a Mechanic and I am not. Dad is always having me help him fix his cars; I’m really just a “Go-Fer”, I go for a wrench, I go for a part, I go for a socket.

It’s the “go for a wrench or socket” that I have the most problem with. I can’t tell the difference between the Metric 12 and 1/2 inch sockets. They all look the same to me.

I seem to be always confused and I get the sockets mixed up, especially all those tiny 1/4? drive sockets.

Dad has all his tiny 1/4? sockets in one box. My eyes are good but I still can’t find the right size he wants. My Dad really wants me to find these small sockets for him as he just can’t read the lettering on them anymore. He tells me what size he needs and I try to find it for him within that pile of sockets, it’s like “the blind leading the blind”.

We had a big argument the other day; my dad yelled out “How! at the age of 15, can you not know how to tell one socket size from another”?

Well I blew up back, smarted off, was grounded for a month and immediately sent to my room.

Luckily I have a Computer in my room and while cruising Ebay I spotted these Socket Organizer Labels. They looked cool and maybe the answer to my problem, they were in my price range with free shipping, so I ordered some.

To my amazement they were in my mailbox when I got home from school two days later.

I went out to Dads shop, cleaned and labeled all of his Sockets and Wrenches. It was easy, “Green for Metric” went on the numbered Socket’s, “Red for S.A.E.” went on all inch Sockets. One size label fit all size Sockets, even the tiny quarter drives.

That night when Dad went out to his shop to work I went with him, as his “Go-Fer”. He asked me for an 1/2? Socket, and to his amazement I quickly retrieved it for him.

Dad noticed the bright chrome label I had installed on the socket and had a curious look on his face. I smiled, than took him over and showed him what I had done.

He was downright knocked-out when he saw that he could now read the sizes on the quarter drives without glasses.

That was one pat on the back and hug I will never forget.

Dad was so happy he took me off restriction and guess what?

That night I met Amy, my first girlfriend.


This fictional story was developed using actual feedback from “Josh” received last year.

Fathers Day is on June 21st this year get your Socket and Wrench Labels now at:

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